Lenovo x61s user manual

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Hardware Maintenance Manual, this manual supports: ThinkPad X60 (MT 1706, 1707, 1708, 1709, 2509, and 2510).Diskette compatibility matrix Diskette compatibility matrix The compatibility of each of the drives with the diskettes for it is as follows: Diskette Diskette Compatibility drive capacity.5-inch.0 MB Read and write.0 MB Read and write.0 MB Not compatible Introduction.The list of service.ThinkPad X60s (MT 1702, 1703, 1704, 1705, 2507, 2508, 2533, and 2534).Botões Mudo e de Volume Botão liga/desliga Botão do ThinkVantage Voltar e avançar do navegador da Web Leitor de impressão digital* *Apenas modelos específicos.Use this manual along with the advanced diagnostic tests to troubleshoot problems.If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy.Safety notices Safety notice 5 If the LCD breaks and the fluid from inside the LCD gets into your eyes or on your hands, immediately wash the affected areas with water for at least 15 minutes.LaptopLenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet Hardware Maintenance Manual.
11, Lenovo 13 user 475, Lenovo service ochfelskning T60 user manual Lenovo service OCH felskningt60 645, Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet user manual Lenovo ThinkPadX61 Tablet.
Seek medical care if any symptoms from the fluid are present after washing.
Tell is ibm thinkpad 2647 manual will contain an over-all description fromthe item, the name and procedures of lenovo thinkpad T61service manual ibm thinkpad 2647 thinkpad X61 repairservice manual.La batterie contient du nickel.V eSupport will show both the CTO and CMV machine type models (Example: 1829-CTO and 1829-W15 will be found on the eSupport site.) v The HMM will have the 4-digit MT and 3-digit CTO model only (Example: 1829-CTO).Important service information For the Remaining FRUs (the complete list of FRUs at the MT Model level) v eSupport can patch fran ais microstation v8i be used to view the complete list of FRUs for a machine type and model.ThinkPad X60 Tablet and X61 Tablet HardwareMaintenance Manual and Manual Support PDF This manual supportsThinkPad X60 Tablet.Fifth Edition (February 2008) Copyright Lenovo 2007, 2008.Note Before using this information and the product it supports, be sure to read the general information under Notices on page 234.Bien que le voltage des batteries principales soit peu élevé, le court-circuit ou la mise à la masse dune batterie peut produire suffisamment de courant pour brûler des matériaux combustibles ou causer des brûlures corporelles kenmore ultrasoft 200 owners manual graves.X61s lenovo download free cu5 k2hern9 the ThinkPad X61, X61s system.Summary of the content on the page.Again, CMVs are custom models and are not found in the HMM.Do not disassemble it, throw it into fire or water, or short-circuit.Safety notices Safety notice 7 danger Though the main batteries have low voltage, a shorted or grounded battery can produce enough current to burn personnel or combustible materials.

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