Manual car wont go into 3rd gear

My father in law says that it might be my transmission but I would like to ask you.
Replace the TCC Solenoid.
I initially thought it was 2-3 shift, but when overdrive is off truck runs fine read more.
Pull up on the boot to get it out of the way so you can get at the shift lever retainer cap.This too will be replaced.I see that there are alot of valve bodies read more Chris (aka- the crimson crown pdf Moose) Technician Vocational, Technical or Trade School 57,769 satisfied customers 1997 F150 crack international cricket captain 2013 pickup: transmission shifts.Gears that pop out of gear while driving.Be careful not to lose the screws under the carpet or you'll have to either remove ALL the carpet or find new screws.You will also need to order parts from a Toyota dealer or equivalent.
Apply a thin layer of general purpose grease on all components.
Checked transmission fluid, it looks good (light red) a read more.
Chris (aka- Moose technician, vocational, Technical or Trade School 57,769 satisfied customers, f150: 4X4 when YOU take OFF slow IT will go 1st gear 2nd 3rd.problem.There is a rubber seal underneath.Once twisted far enough, the cap will clear the pins and pop up as shown below.Bring your VIN number as there were slight at's it!After some research, I discovered that the problem is very common on these trucks and to my surprise, the fix was not only inexpensive ( 20) but easy.read more Tim Associate Degree 3,579 satisfied customers 1998 Ford explorer: 1st and 2nd gear.Use a shop rag and press down and twist the cap counter-clockwise.Be careful not to get any crumbled bits of seat into the transmission.Chris (aka- Moose) Technician Vocational, Technical or Trade School 57,769 satisfied customers 1997 Ford Expedition: 2 wheel drive.

Inspect it for burrs and rough edges.
You probably do have an internal transmission problem.
So here it goes.