Cell structure and function test answers pdf

cell structure and function test answers pdf

Cell wall cell membrane nucleus nuclear membrane large vacuole containing cell sap cytoplasm chloroplast mitochondrion starch grain inside chloroplast membrane around the top best pdf software vacuole.
Cytoplasm plasma membrane nucleus genetic material.
Part X is likely the nucleus.
Plant cells are eukaryotic, and animal cells are prokaryotic.Q.7: The power house of a cell is - (a) Chloroplast (b) Mitochondrion (c) Golgi apparatus d) Nucleolus,.8: Within a cell the site of respiration (oxidation) is the - (a) Ribosome (b) Golgi apparatus (c) Mitochondrion (d) Endoplasmic Reticulum,.9: Which is called Suicidal.What is the function of the cell wall?Ribosomes are found on smooth endoplasmic reticulum.On rough endoplasmic reticulum.Tells the cell what to do lets water pass in and out lets molecules pass in and out gives the plant structure and support.
Nucleus mitochondria plasma membrane chloroplast.
Which cell structure has a cell's genetic material?
Draw a plant cell and name 7 parts.Explain the importance of the cytoskeleton for animal cells.Which structure is made up of fats and proteins and surrounds a cell?Organelle nucleus cell envelope cytoplasm.Q.1: The largest cell in the human body is - (a) Nerve cell (b) Muscle cell (c) Liver cell (d) Kidney cell,.2: The barrier between the protoplasm and the other environment in an animal cells - (a) Cell wall (b) Nuclear membrane (c) Tonoplast.Vacuole cell membrane vacuum cell body.Plant cells animal cells all cells algae cells.A substance has to pass through various parts of a plant cell before reaching the nucleus.Which cell structure stores food, nutrients, and waste?What are the differences between plants and animal cells?Structure X of a cell is missing.Cell wall, cytoplasm, cell membrane cell wall, cell membrane, cytoplasm cell membrane, cell wall, cytoplasm cell membrane, cytoplasm, cell wall.

Plasma membrane cell wall cell envelope cytoplasm.