Central issue facility patch barracks

central issue facility patch barracks

Bottom line no conclusion what-so-ever on the ID of this patch.( sold ) Even though it has sold - crack for error fix I would like to know the.
In 1975 the Navy began transferring the southern 70 (about 39 acres) of Gould Island to the State of Rhode Island.
In 1942, construction began for a new hangar a larger, south-facing ramp for the air facility at the south end of Gould Island.
ID'd as the "Khmer Air Force Headquarters(command Republic of Khmer".moved to Viet/Khamer/Lao/Thai page samplitude pro x suite crack UI#182 - "viet NAM laos-burma made on Okinawa, found with UI#181, souvenir patch?On March 16, 1981, the 22d Sig.Unusual high-quality silkscreened " Brazil comandos" Bottom-right."eye-ball", Guards Armoured Division UI#262 - any ideas on the IDs?A few were e MF does not mean Mike Force) ( on SF and Vietnam pages chevrolet lumina owners manual pdf ) 246.Both Patches are associated with the 7/15th Artillery Regiment in the Highlands (MR2 circa 1970-71 Both patches were brought home by a 7/15th arty Crewchief/Observer on a OH-58A, his callsign was "CE sundown 119" (or something similar) I have a picture of him wearing the.It was said to be owned by the.S.The seaplane facility appeared abandoned but intact in a 1963 aerial photo.From a viewer iD'd as a SR-71 related patch in the 1980s" (this info from email on 100227).Top row, 2nd is a Cap Badge with a black backing top row, roll reads: "chepat-DAN-chergas motto is Malaysian 2nd row.
( Verbage and picture of Bat Beercan DI "59" are from Cecil Smythe's Vietnam Insignia Book ) after minor research.
WW2 Indian Para regt Bottom Row-2nd on itish Army Jump Patch Bottom andard British pattern for Bush jackets.(could be used by several countries) - - - - Wings Badges - Scan 5 ( also on UK/British page ) Top row, uth African Hunter Group (Reproduction).Dubai - - - - Wings Badges - Scan 2 ( also on Foreign-allo page ) Left ngary top row, lgian PJI top row, right.(see picfiles below).( sold/Lost ) 2nd row, ved to Scan 13 2nd row, stria 3rd row, nadian?Coventry resident Reginald Oliver who owned a television repair business recalled visiting several clients who proudly kept their Cessna or Piper Cubs parked in their driveway.The aircraft were to be employed to test-drop aerial torpedoes.Also on 360th tews page 202.240dpi ( also on Main usaf Squadrons page ) UI#320 - James Brown Stamps, 'black AND brown Cash Value 1 Mill, BD 32, when and where used?The field was also said to have a 60' x 40' hangar.UI#280 - Supposed to be a usaf Flight crewman's novelty patch for NVN Missions, made in Thailand.( also on the ASA and Air Force SS pages ) UI#102 - "B-4-251" "snap '69 apparently it is from 1969?( not mine - see picture in UI Box ) UI#258 - Fox with T-33 and Lightning Bolts, possbily a training patch from Webb AFB, probably late-1950s into early-1960s with old style gauze backed/twill design.