Chicago manual of style headlines

Roman numerals : I, VII, XLI, CIX, dccclii, mmmlxi.
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Publisher: imminent storm threatens village.Circuit kindle fire software update Court of Appeals ).Basic Number Rules (for Nontechnical Copy).Protagonist: But what if linux citrix client for mac os x no storm comes?Tell me the headline.A copy editor with 20-plus years of experience, I make it my job to keep up with changing styles and the evolution of language (or devolution, as the case may be).Chicago (9.2-4,.8 spell out whole numbers up to (and including) one hundred (e.g., zero, one, ten, ninety-six, 104 ).A Word About Consistency AP (p.Now, have a look, pointing at dark clouds gathering in the sky over the ocean what do you see?Equally, the need to keep headlines brief occasionally leads to unintentional double meanings, if not double entendres.
See also edit References edit NY Times: On Language: HED Wilford, John Noble.
Editor of The New Republic, Michael Kinsley, began a contest to find the most boring newspaper headline.9 According to him, no entry surpassed the one that had inspired him to create the contest: "worthwhile canadian initiative 10 over a column by The New York Times ' Flora Lewis.You have to start by making up some headlines.Cardinal numbers : one, 7, forty-one, one hundred nine, 852, three thousand sixty-one.It is sometimes termed a news hed, a deliberate misspelling that dates from production flow during hot type days, to notify the composing room that a written note from an editor concerned a headline and should not be set in type.The large type front page headline did not come into use until the late 19th century when increased competition between newspapers led to the use of attention-getting headlines.The New York City Transit Authority in the 1980s "Telegraph wins newspaper vote".The Story Behind Campaign '82's Favorite Insult".Production edit, a headline's purpose is to quickly and briefly draw attention to the story.The Associated Press Stylebook and, the Chicago Manual of Style.Arabic numerals : 1, 7, 41, 109, 852, 3,061.

The headline or heading is the text indicating the nature of the article below.
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