D d 4e monster manual

Umber Hulk 256 Umber hulk, shadow hulk Insect-like creatures that burrow through the earth.
Yuan-Ti 288291 Monster Manual (2008) Yuan-ti malison stalker, yuan-ti malison sharp-eye, yuan-ti abomination, yuan-ti malison chanter Evil, snake-like humanoids that live in jungles.
Small reptilian humanoids, drake 30,42, monster Manual (2008 guard drake.
You can help by adding.You can't realy do much about that though, it's fairly inevitable given the way the game is designed.Treant 251 Treant, blackroot treant Animated tree with roughly humanoid features.Zombie 274275 Keep on the Shadowfell (2008) Zombie rotter, zombie, gravehound, corruption corpse, rotwing zombie, chillborn zombie, zombie hulk Undead creatures animated from the corpses of the deceased.Isbn Creature Page Other Appearances Variants Description Aboleth 89 Aboleth lasher, aboleth slime mage, aboleth overseer Large eel-like aberrations with potent psionic abilities Aboleth Servitor 9 Human aberrations with translucent and slimy skin Astral Stalker 10 Humanoid abomination with large claws and skull-like face Atropal.Rust Monster 250253 Rust monster, gluttonous rust monster, young rust monster swarm Skeleton 254257 Keep on the Shadowfell (2008 Monster Manual (2008) Decrepit skeleton, blazing skeleton, skeletal legionary, skeletal tomb guardian Reanimated bones that serve their creator.
Isbn Creature Page Other Appearances Variants Description Abyssal Plague Demons 1416 Plague Demon Chaos Hound, Plague Demon Chaos Footsoldier, Plague Demon Chaos Beast, Plague Demon Chaos Bender, Plague Demon Chaos Knight, Plague Demon Chaos Vanguard Demons from a dead universe Barrowhaunts 1719 Uthelyn the Mad.
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The book features an introduction on pages 411, the monster descriptions on pages 12295, an appendix of animals on pages 296304, a glossary on pages 305312, and a list of the monsters in the book ranked by level on pages 313319.Choker 42 Cavern choker, feygrove choker Resembles small dracula origin magaupload crack greyish-black humanoids Chuul 43 Chuul juggernaut Large pale yellow lobster-like aberrations Colossus 44 Godforged colossus Large animated statues Crocodile 45 Visejaw crocodile, feymire crocodile Cyclops 4648 Cyclops guard, cyclops warrior, cyclops impaler, cyclops rambler, cyclops hewer, cyclops.Well after publication, some creatures and their families received updates.Gnome 31, monster Manual (2008 gnome skulk, small and slender humanoids.Salamander 226227 Salamander lancer, salamander firetail, salamander archer, salamander noble Evil creatures associated with the element of fire.All of the monsters found in this book are mounts and/or creatures summoned through the use of magic items.Halfling 31 Monster Manual (2008) Halfling slinger Small humanoids Rat 38,54 Monster Manual (2008) Rat swarm, giant rats Goblin 3840,42,44 Monster Manual (2008) Goblin sharpshooters, goblin warriors, goblin cutters Small green humanoids Hobgoblin 40,64,6668,69 Monster Manual (2008) Hobgoblin torturer, hobgoblin soldiers, hobgoblin grunts, hobgoblin archer.Keep on the Shadowfell, followed closely with the release of the first set of "core" rulebooks.Spider 246247 Keep on the Shadowfell (2008) Deathjump spider, bloodweb spider swarm, blade spider, demonweb terror Stirge 248 Stirge, dire stirge, stirge swarm Bat-like creatures that feed on blood.

Blackroot treants are undead creatures that appear wilted and dying.
The first three or four levels of 4e are much more prone to character deaths than any of the later levels (in my experience).