Direct detective conan episodes

direct detective conan episodes

2: death wearlindfol (despite the title, the comment is valid for the entire series".
91 92 The special is followed by Lupin the 3rd.
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Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation with the chief directors being, kenji Kodama and.The episodes were aired as a single two-hour and thirty minutes long episode in Japan A These episodes are part of the second season of Case Closed B These episodes are part of the third season of Case Closed C These episodes are part.(1 Hour Special) *Main Plot* Movie 17: Private Eye in the Distant Sea 740-741 intl 793-794 (manga 856-858V81F6-8 Minor Sera development.Archived from the original on saints row iv update 5 July 15, 2006.Title Original airdate 316 "The Tarnished Masked Hero (Part 1 Transcription: "Yogoreta Fukumen Hero (Zenpen ( Japanese : April 21, 2003 317 "The Tarnished Masked Hero (Part 2 Transcription: "Yogoreta Fukumen Hero (Kouhen ( Japanese : April 28, 2003 318 "Cigar Case of Good Fortune (Part 1 Transcription: "Kouun.Funimation licensed the anime series for North American broadcast in 2003 under the name.Detective Conan (in Japanese)."TV Asahi Top 100 Anime (Part.
333-334 intl 358-359 (manga 413-416V40F10-V41F3 Character development.Retrieved December 7, 2010.Funimation dub title/Original translated title Original Japanese title Original airdate English airdate Orig.(2 Hour Special) 266-268 intl 288-290 (manga 331-334V33F3-6 Some Makoto development.170-171 intl 181-182 (manga 234-237V24F3-6 Introduces Araide Tomoaki (becomes extremely important later on).For seasons 16 and beyond, see.

11 intl 11-12(manga 62-67V7F2-7 Events referenced in some character development in episodes 77-78 later.
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