Dot net interview questions pdf file

CtrlF5 compile and run the application without debugging.
It runs in the Common Language Runtime (CLR which is the heart of the.NET Framework.
The T Framework and Internet Explorer are examples of hosting CLR.Using reflection we can invoke private methods too.The.NET Framework provides a runtime environment called the Common Language Runtime or CLR.When an exception occurs, the system searches for the nearest catch clause that can handle the exception, as determined by the run-time type of the exception.In the following verisoft access manager windows 7 hp step(s) I am giving skate 3 cheat codes ps3 deutsch the ideas all about: eate a project:Here you just start your visual studio, Select your programming language C VB, Choose Silverligh Template give the name and save.Normally heap exhaustion is the trigger for a collection sweep.After the thread has been instantiated, you begin the execution of the code by calling the Start method of the thread.Call the _doPostBack function.How Do You Generate A Strong Name?.NET provides an utility called strong name tool.
What Is Custom Attribute?
DataReader is connection oriented where as Data Adapter is disconnected.
The CLS is a set of rules that standardizes such things as data types and how objects are exposed and interoperate.Using this control, you can attach error messages that display next to the control when the data is invalid, as seen in the following image.Its a fake copy of the server object that resides on the client side and behaves as if it was dell inspiron 1545 service manual the server.Allocates memory on Stack.For that, we can sign it later.

What Is Garbage Collection?
The Futures (July 2007) release adds: History support for the Safari browser, inclusion of titles, encoding and encrypting of server-side history state and the ability to handle history in the client without a server requirement.
It depends on the nature of the application; both code-based and role-based security could be implemented to an extent.