Football manager 2009 reloaded crack patch 9.3 0

Bulgaria Fixed Cup of Bulgaria.
Fixed a bug where a player fluent in a language of his current nation might not be able to gain nationality because he cannot speak the structure of a user guide language.
Fixed a bug on the award voting screen where it could confuse who you voted for rts games on steam if you swap candidates positions.Adjusted second nationalities of French newgens born in big cities - Adjusted general chances of second nationalities for newgens - Fixed bug where player didn't see the benefit of taking Croation nationality, when it would ti talismania deluxe full crack help their club get around foreigner restrictions.Stopped players taking up a nationality in-order to play for that nation when they have declared for a different nation already.Stuart Attwell getting their date of birth randomised.Fixed Confederations Cup squad rules.Fixed a problem with the European Golden Boot whereby if the scores were level it would sort by most appearances instead of least.Players no longer request to be transfer listed a few days after a transfer window has just closed.
Press conference asks question about user's dropping of a player when he has been called up as a late replacement.
Stopped Players demanding an inferior squad status.
Players with multiple nationalities now assume the nationality of the current national team they represent.Fixed bug where Australian youth league isn't played after the first season.Added a "Clear All" button to the team talk screen.Players on domestic loans don't get their appearances counted towards the number of clubs allowed to play for in a year.Fixed a bug where a 'PR' icon would show for a player but there would be no reaction shown in his profile.