Good games you can on ps3

Submit References Did this article help you?Does your advantages of manual banking system PS3 have four USB ports?You need to follow the steps outlined above.7 Insert the USB drive starsky and hutch season 1 episode 10 into the right-most USB slot on the PS3.Question Can I use a Sony wireless controller to play PS2 games?17 Select the "PS2 Classics Placeholder" in your Game menu.
You 'll be returned to the XMB after selecting.
If your PS3 does not have four USB ports, it likely is not backwards compatible.
New titles added all the time.Question Can I buy an older PS3, reapply thermal paste, and clean it?Top Ten PS3 Games for 2013 are stocked with sequels from well-loved game franchises.If it has two USB ports, it cannot play PS2 discs." Question I have a PS3 model cechp01.Open the Game menu and select "Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)." Select "New Internal Memory Card" and then choose "Internal Memory Card (PS2)." Assign the Memory Card to "Slot." This will allow the game to access the new Memory Card.12 Log in with your regular account.Its story as well as the limitless possibilities which can be done within its vast landscape is a selling point that made Infamous 2 as one of the most downloaded PS3 roms.You 'll see a variety of different categories.You should see it in your Game section after installing (don't run it yet).