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Bungee jumping looks (dangerous, dangerously).
Experience, experiences or experiments?
U 4 Which verb means the same as don't have to here?That fat silly cat dancing leather shoes.My train broke down twice.( I have written to her.Scissors D 9 Which sentence is more formal: A or B?Grammar Scan, diagnostic tests for Practical English Usage - includes diagnostic tests at Upper-Intermediate (29 tests Advanced (29 tests and Expert (30 tests) levels to check students' knowledge of key aspects of English grammar and usage.IfI were rich, I would take more holidays.Is there anybody for Louise to play with in the village?, 8 -ing forms and past participles daemon tools v4 beta 1 Right R or wrong w?'Ihe life has been hard for him since he came to this country.
However, if they make too many mistakes with the most common Structures, they can be difficult to understand 'Ihe Upper Intermediate tests will help with problems at that level.
I'm siting at the back of the train.
It was dark almost.L explained Laura the problem.Do you know my sister?It is.E 14 Right or wrong?Who cleans my windows has hurt his back.I_i Some of these people are members of the club and the rest are guests.She went home without saying goodbye.L-low long are you studying English?Be more quiet, please?I'm going out, Mum.We're developping a new product.