Jre1 6.0 05 bin client jvm dll

BugId Category Subcategory Description 6397754 hotspot compiler1 Missing check in implicit null code path for C hotspot compiler2.0u6 assert gcm.
Instead, a new system property called usturlcodebase must explicitly be set to the string value true in order for a codebase to be used.Java install swat: /usr/jdk/jdk1.6.0/bin/java -d64 -version and jdk5u2 failed using pkg bundles Sol 10 amd64.6519527 hotspot compiler2 PartialSubtypeCheckNode without a control edge could get scheduled too high (5.0) 6518092 hotspot compiler2.5.0_05 crash in 6454444 hotspot compiler2 segv on solaris-i586 -server running ConcurrentQueueLoops 6461827 hotspot compiler2 Performance: Assignable 6472335 hotspot garbage_collector Allocation of huge array which would cause OutOfMemoryError.For example, the byte sequence of 0xc0 0xaf for U002f, which has the shortest form of 0x2f, is a malformed input to the decoding operation.Cpp Tiger b hotspot compiler2.4.2_06 crashes when setting -XX:CompileThreshold200 -server on Windows 6189687 hotspot compiler2.4.2 fastdebug assert on linkResolver.Additional Supported System Configurations As of this update, support has been added for the following system configurations: Windows Vista SP2 Windows Server 2008 SP2 Refer to the Supported System Configurations page.BugId Category Subcategory Description 6451451 hotspot compiler2 exception_access_violation caused by -XX:AggressiveOpts flag in Bigapps ATG test for.5.0_08b hotspot compiler2 crash compiling.5086424 hotspot runtime_system improve the performance of GC_locker 6264872 hotspot runtime_system Fix unhandled oops found in mustang development 4896773 java classes_2d Rendering CubicCurve2D with NaN as control points causes crash in ductus code 6229389 java classes_2d Type1 font with seac instructions may cause crash 4868278.Jar is failing for Arabic-Majalla UI on Windows-Vista 6343853 java classes_2d Rendering issues on Vista caused by use of GDI and DDraw on onscreen surfaces 6195047 java classes_2d hinting engine is not correctly initialized with Bar39, Bar25i and related fonts 6363434 java classes_2d shouldn't.6421297 java install GDS installer offered on 32-bit Vista, but fails to install silently 6396586 java install Vista: Java Control Panel icon disappears after uninstall 5008498 java localization coblentz patch duffy bass llp A regresion test fails.Cpp 5062222 java_plugin plugin NPE in wBackBuffer 6332350 javawebstart autodownload Static version redirect keys are not generated for auto-download-install of JRE using javaws 6282084 javawebstart autodownload Jre autodownload test hang on security warning dialogs 6343024 javawebstart download_engine NullPointerException while trying to launch/import a "component extension".
Javawebstart download_engine Jar resources nested in JRE resources block are broken.
6523707 java_plugin iexplorer IE browser thread dead after modal dialog created from liveconnect in another window 6395737 java_plugin iexplorer IE hangs when a modal dialog is active with concurrent window re-focus activities 6502189 java_plugin iexplorer applet hang when try to reload a page with the.CUS Issuer: OUGo Daddy Class 2 Certification Authority, O"The Go Daddy Group, Inc.5081700 java_plugin iexplorer Java Plug-In no longer supports 'javascript URLs after MS Hotfix java_plugin misc regression: Graybox is not resizable for relative dimension applet 5094966 java_plugin misc Mimetypes.5.0_01 not recognized on Mozilla browser for Solaris and Linux 5100835 java_plugin misc mime type should.As a result, lazy parts for which package elements are defined will only be downloaded if a resource in one of the listed packages is accessed.DO NOT delete i, ever.This problem will be corrected in a future release.

(Refer to 6872579.) Added one new root certificate for GlobalSign.
Extract throws NPE 6241823 java classes_util_concurrent Infinite loop in timed yAcquire 6253848 java classes_util_concurrent CyclicBarrier behavior incorrect if "broken" or reset 6307455 java classes_util_concurrent Array(x) does not set "one-past" element of x to null 6231602 java classes_util_i18n legalArgumentException: hour_OF_DAY with.5, works with.4.