Polycom soundstation ip5000 user guide

polycom soundstation ip5000 user guide

The November 2016 ( 26 ) release is documented in the article Polycom UCS.5 for VVX Phones which includes detailed documentation of the newest features.
Ive covered the whole DST caper in more detail previously ).
On the phones home screen select More More Dev Updt and then select Reboot to force the update process.
Download the latest UC Software release in CAB File format. .74 CPE Although the package is now installed on the Lync Server it is not yet available for applicable devices to utilize. .Although the.0.0 release added the ability to leverage the Device Update service it was not yet possible to actually leverage the feature until a new update was published. .You could split an announced transfer and toggle between both parties, but you could then never complete the transfer.To see how the device downloaded the update files simply view the most recent IIS W3SVC log file on the Lync Server. .Overridedhcp0 the phone is going to use the NTP server offered by its local dhcp server use the dhcp-supplied offset from GMT.The Restore Version is initially blank and will be populated when this process is performed again with another newer update. .Previous articles have covered the MKC which is used to quickly access the Base Profile menu ( 1 4 9 ). .DayOfWeek /art.Issue the following cmdlet to approve all pending VVX device update packages.The content in the customisation file is copied verbatim from the earlier post.
This section can also serve as a quick reference guide every time a new update package is released.
Needless to say, you might find this not worth the pain, or you might instead choose to re-enable the phones web interface.!- Give the user the ability to lock their phone.Lync t " 1 " t " 1 " ncDeviceUpdateEnabled " 0 " / Another scenario would be to leave the device update feature enabled but modify each of the behavioral parameters. .Select Reboot to trigger the update process to download and install the older firmware version.It is always possible that a new firmware version does not operate as expected in some environments so francisco varela the embodied mind pdf if an issue is discovered soon after upgrading to a new version then being able to roll-back the devices to the previous release is critical.PopUpSK.enabled Show (1) or suppress (0) the information pop-up message which appears on the phone when a new firmware version is available.The.cab format links are the correct firmware packages for using with the Lync Device Update Service, but the traditional package format (.ld ) for use with a basic provisioning server is also included for convenience.Note that this article is quite lengthy as the entire process is described in detail, accompanied by various log entries and other examples. .I found when I was testing announced transfers that Split didnt work the way I expected.It is always recommended to install a new firmware release on a handful of test devices to make sure there are no immediate negative impacts to the devices in the environment before approving the version for mass deployment.NTP Daylight Saving Time.

With the recent release of, uCS.0 for Polycom VVX Phones automatic firmware updates are now supported directly from the Lync Device Update service. .
The file itself is full of comment text to help you find your way around.
Updated 26th August 2018: Read more about on-screen real-estate in my post Optimising Polycom VVX background images Web-browser If you click on the phones Applications button, it launches its internal browser and goes to a preconfigured website.