Prototype 2 cheats ps3 walkthrough

The combination is behind the painting in the same room.
Safe Location 3: Progress through the mission until you reach the Carriage objective.
Folded Galvani Resin blueprint: Locate the stairwell inside the Grand Palace on any floor.The other collectibles are on the Dreadful Wale in between missions.When you are in the Solar room you can lock pick the Elder Lyons safe.The violin is at the very back of that part of the vault.Mission 9: Death To The Empress Dual Layered Galvani Weave blueprint: Aboard the Dreadful Wale before you embark on the mission, go to super mario 3 in 1 game the room where Anton Sokolov is painting a picture.The enemies will investigate the impact point of your repair manual for gmc vans crossbow bolt.
Easy "Familiarity Breeds Contempt" achievement This achievement takes place over Mission 1 and Mission.
Switch to present time and place the wheel on the underwater pipe.
Mission 8: The Grand Palace Small-scale Combustion blueprint: It is found inside the shopkeeper's apartment.When your dad opens the door run out and close the door quickly and walk out the other door.He will tell you he died and end the story.Talk to him and he will give you a pulse charge to put on the bomb.Anyways near were you find the violin, there is a bathroom.It looks like a dead end, but use your vision ability to see a lever on the other side of the wall opposite the door you used to enter.Spirit Thief (10 points Took Delilah's soul.Go upstairs to find a safe in a room.