Sa mp stunt gamemode

Pure mod with registration, no stealers here!
First go to your folder and click on "Pawno" Now double-click on pawno.( learn more and download detailed information 24).Registration on mxINI, you can change the grand theft auto cheats ps3 iv money entire text, I have described everything in detail in the file.Exe file Now go to File - Open And open the gamemode Now edit the texts and click on "Compile" button You can do the same with filterscripts Pictures Videos Sorry, I don't have time for manuale di chitarra corso completo per pictures you can in my server and test.Creditele specificate (chiar prison break season 4 ep 23 dac e un gamemod edit, postai creditele autorilor i celor care l-au editat).Dac avei un gamemode mai vechi prin PC (rtcit) dar nu v aparine i v-ai gândit s-l postati aici, topicul va fi ters.Noi reguli în curand!În arhiva gamemod-ului trebuie pus doar fiierele pwn, include-urile create de voi i baza de de date.( learn more and download detailed information 2, genix role play, no stealers here!
How to install the server, just extract "New Gaming Class" folder to your desktop or somewhere else and copy/upload all files you will find in "New Gaming Class do not forget to copy/upload "g" file for configuration.
Pentru a uploada arhivele, v recomandm s folosii site-ului nostru ( funcia de ataare ) sau urmatoarele site-uri: m, m.I publish my server's gamemode the one that I scripted alone, Also I used Jake's login/register administration system it has a lot of features and it is very useful and easy on use, another filterscript I used is xVIP system for vips, I have combined.Upload date:, hello, someone asked me to change the mod slightly!Features, many features have been added in this gamemode, I will list some of them but I can't remember all of them anyway I will update this list frequently to inform you about features - Objects arround San Andreas (Map Pack) - Log/Register System.With Keys keys) - Much of commands /cmds - Rules rules) - Hostname changes every 2 seconds - Score money when you kill someone - You spawn with guns - Godmode system - Afk system - MoneyBag system - Reaction system (removed it was bugging).Dac totui, topicul a ramas vizibil doar pentru autori, iar dupa o perioada scurt de timp a disparut, înseamna c nu a fost aprobat i a fost sters.Repostarea lui duce la avertisment / ban în funcie de caz.(Last updated: 10/2/2015 developer: SecretBoss, DaBig, introduction.Va rugam s verificai periodic acest regulament pentru a fi la curent cu toate noutile.Dac arhiva conine fiiere.exe ( executabile plugin-uri sau include-uri care nu sunt create de voi topicul va fi ters.O descriere cât mai mare a gamemod-ului.V rugm s reinei c nerespectarea în abuz a acestor reguli se pedepsete cu avertisment sau ban în funcie de gravitatea situaiei.

Hello all guys, I am creating this gamemode some months now, once my server is not getting a lot of members online I stopped and I got another gamemode and now I am adding and fixing all bugs etc.
Now press ctrl O After opening your.db file go to browse data So now click on "Admin" area and change it to 5 Re-upload it and you are level 5, you can do this to control/demote/promote your admins Also you can do the same with.
Un loc pentru a gsi sau lansa gamemode-uri pentru serverele SA-MP.