Service manual suzuki hg 550ex digital piano

Using mesa boogie triaxis service manual the gentle angle, attach the When you have finished tightening the pedal 2 supporting rods using the screws assembly, there may be a space between the (H) with screwdriver (D) to the back of the pedal assembly as shown.
Pedal assembly, slide the outer carton up and off of the inner carton as shown.
Do not open the front of the inner carton.One angle is very gentle, bolts with washers (H) into the lugs and tighten.Be careful not to scratch or hit these parts against each other or let them come in contact with any other items.Right Piano Leg Position Simply visual studio 2012 key crack re-position the rods Loosely thread both bolts and washers in the.Get the Medium Sized box labeled "Grand Pedal/Grand Leg." Carefully slit the tape and open the box as shown.Of the pedal assembly clockwise as So far you have attached shown, until they are as close to 2 of the 3 legs.1 Power Cord.It is important that one person hold the piano while the other person performs the installation functions.A ssembl Parts and Pieces: After you have completed unwrapping everything, here is what you should have:.
P npacking iano EGS edal.
Do not attempt to open the piano or make any change in the circuits or parts of the unit.
2 Brass Support Rods.Polish Polishing Cloth.HE iano #1 Bolt Washer Install the Right Leg:.Avoid placing vinyl objects on top of the instrument, vinyl can stick to and discolor the surface.Take the small medium cartons.Tighten the Bolts: Tighten both bolts using the wrench provided (D) or a 3 " socket wrench as position #1.Assembly Guide stage of unpacking.Lesson Book with Disk.

Assembly Positions: During unpacking, these Take one of the piano legs (A) and line it up to You will see the following areas 3 brass rods sometimes on the bottom of your piano: come out of position.