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Discuss why an effective business handshake is an important nonverbal skill to develop.
(aacsb Tag: Written and oral communication) 2-47.
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Students learn about the advantages and disadvantages of teamwork and collaborative writing.Failing to give nonverbal feedback Interrupting Assuming they already know everything thats important to know (LO.4; aacsb Tag: Written and oral communication) 2-17.Teaching notes Communicating Effectively in Teams Collaborationworking together as a team to meet complex challengeshas become a core job responsibility.Dont use your phone camera to take someones picture without permission.Students are introduced to six categories of nonverbal communication: facial expressions, gesture and posture, vocal characteristics, personal appearance, touch, and the use of time and space.Employers expect collaboration in work activities, and the productivity and quality of collaborative efforts depend heavily on communication skills.
With a clear, fluid chapter organization, Business Communication Today introduces, develops, and reviews major concepts to maximize understanding.
(aacsb Tag: Written and oral communication) 2-51.
To begin a discussion of nonverbal communication, have students complete the analysis of body language activity at the end of the chapter (Practice Your Skills 2-18).Listeners sometimes make up their minds before fully hearing the speakers message, or they engage in defensive listeningprotecting their egos by tuning out anything that doesnt confirm their beliefs or their view of themselves.One of the big questions we need to address is How does buying affect inventory levels?Among the specialties of Product Marketers International are promotional efforts for clients, including presence on the Internet, radio, and television.Students should also decide on the channel for addressing these concerns: Does a meeting need to be held or will an employee memo suffice?To further enhance their understanding of these items as components of nonverbal communication, you may want your students to conduct secondary research to find examples of how different cultures interpret the use of space and time.Consider two options: 1) They might ask the speech-impaired person to team up with one or more other employees and let that team report as a unit; or 2) they might provide an alternative way for this person to communicate during meetings, such as overhead.Dont text during a meal or when someone is talking to you.The summary should clearly and effectively convey the information that was learned.

If you choose to discuss the results of the self-assessments in class, be sure to ask students to identify instances of selective listening, prejudgment, and selective perception.
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