Sun recommended patch cluster

sun recommended patch cluster

Oct 25 12:40:00 solaris-svr tad: Terminated.
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Ethernet address Host ID: #.SUN Cluster Solaris 10 sparc: Recommended training and development procedure manual OS Patchset.F, solaris 10 Recommended Patch Cluster problem.By default, the endpoint will reconfigure if any installed patch requires it; if the reboot is suppressed, the reconfiguration will occur on the next boot, triggered by the file /reconfigure.Install log jeep grand cherokee laredo 2000 owners manual files written : solaris-svr# Reboot the server and check that everything.Hostname: solaris-svr Configuring devices.Fingerprinting: The endpoint is considered "patched" if all packages present on the endpoint are patched to the level of this update or later.Manual Installation (default The packed update will be downloaded to the endpoint but not installed.Solaris-svr# grep passcode 10_adme passcode.
This update is drop-off only by default.Cp: cannot access /var/sadm/pkg/sunwcsr/save/ failed to be copied to the pspool directory.Operating System(s solaris, released On 12:00:00, sUN Cluster Solaris 10 sparc: Recommended OS Patchset.Oct 25 12:40:41 su: 'su root' succeeded for root on /dev/console.Solaris-svr# unzip -l 10_Recommended.Vendor Name sun, product, none, content Type, critical - 01, language(s).See the update's readme file for more information.Older clusters which have not been applied may appear "not patched while newer clusters which have been applied appear "patched in the rare circumstance that the older clusters contain a patch not present in the newer clusters.Vendor Name sun, product, none, released On 12:00:00, url.Install_cluster for Solaris 10 Recommended Patch Cluster not applied.Recommended OS Patchset Solaris 10 sparc (2011.10.20).Artd: 24 system services are now being stopped.

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