Virtue russian legion shocker board manual

virtue russian legion shocker board manual

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So you may use different bolts on your Shocker.) Redesigned raccolta spartiti musicali anni 60 pdf vertical ASA adapter, shifted the foregrip forward Redesigned vertical regulator Integrated bottomline dovetail rail Larger trigger guard space Redesigned dual plunger style ball detent Redesigned eye covers Redesigned frame and trigger setup ( You can.The, shocker is a series of electropneumatic paintball markers manufactured by, smart Parts.Aftermarket Boards: The following lists all of the drop-in boards for Shockers and Nerves, and some brief information on the board operation and programming.Speedy2 chips were also available for Dye DM4 markers and offered programmable "cheater" systems made to fake semiauto firing while on the field.Wire harness is 32 AWG wire connected between two protrousion-less housings, JST part number SHR-10V-S-B.This marker has been cleaned and had fresh lube.Orange NXT Shocker Upgraded Rare Smartparts Paintball Gun Sp gog dlx 349.95, buy It Now 10 watching, comes as shown with hybrid grips, cp asa onoff, tonton sft bolt guide, sprung high efficiency bolt and virtue board, NDZ trigger, stainless steel freak back, insert and.PDF, blackheart manual, Ion version only, ion, Ion clone.It has been used but is in good working condition!
The Shocker Sport was large, heavy, had a limited firing speed.2 balls per second, and poor air efficiency when compared to other markers from the same time period.I make note of hardware advancements, such as adjustable eye sensitivity and the method of tournament lock.Programmable using trigger inputs and a multicolor LED.Predator boards are unique in that they offered an optional connector on the side of the lower board which could be connected to a custom-installed beam-break eye set Predator SFT using custom beam-break eye harness instead of the Shocker SFT's factory reflective eyes.Shocker NXTs were released shortly after, which added an additional setting for NXT beam-break eyes.The board is removeable by removing the two roll pins, using a hammer with metal punch, nail, another roll pin, or whatever other tool you can find.The lower circuit board accomplishes many tasks.Ultimately we never ended up selling the board because it wasn't unique enough of a product.The lower board also has an integrated lever-actuated microswitch, which is used to fire the marker by the trigger.There have been two versions of 7E board programming available for Shockers (v6.0 and.3) however there's no way to tell them apart outside from activating the board and cycling the programming menu.The boards appear identical to the green Virtue rev-A hardware.The Wik board was meant to use a separate LCD display screen module for easy adjustment, somewhat similar to the concept behind the Reloaded board's Extend LCD port, except the Wik display board also had an additional set of buttons to make adjustment easier.1, counter strike 1.6 patch 27 the original Shocker was built by PneuVentures and distributed by Smart Parts in the US in 1995.Virtue oled Shocker board Seventh Element Shocker LED board Shocker version of the other 7E LED boards.

Shocker SFT (2003-2006) edit, in 2003 Smart Parts released a completely new marker under the name Shocker SFT (Seal Forward Technology).